Chichester Cinema at New Park


The Chichester Cinema at New Park makes a vibrant contribution to the leisure and cultural life of Chichester.

By becoming a Friend of the Chichester Cinema at New Park you will be helping to ensure that we continue to feature the best in national and world cinema.

Annual membership costs £25 (single) or £45 (joint).

As well as supporting a worthwhile place of leisure you will receive:

  • £1.00 off most screenings
  • No booking fee to pay when booking online (Save 50p per ticket!)
  • Free mailing of brochure
  • Membership of the Cinema’s Film Circle
  • Discounts from the following Film book publishers: BFI Publishing, Wallflower Press, Pocket Essentials
  • 10% of videos and DVDs bought from Movie Mail
  • Discounted subscription for Sight and Sound magazine