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Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould

Intimately revealing the man behind the myth, casting a fresh light on the mysterious pianist whose ideas were as controversial, and his private life as passionate, as his music.

This engrossing documentary features never-before seen footage of Gould, photographs and excerpts from his private home recordings and diaries, plus personal memories from Gould's most intimate friends and lovers, some who have never spoken about him publicly before. The trips to Moscow in the 50s, the surprising detour into the music of Petula Clark, Leonard Bernstein and his Opera contacts all make for riveting viewing.

It is the avalanche of sensational footage and never-before heard home recordings and excerpts from his private diaries that make this film an absolute must. ‘Genius Within’ humanizes a man usually placed on an untouchable pedestal, thanks primarily to vintage interview footage (including Roxolana Roslak, Ray Roberts, Petula Clark, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Lorne Tulk) in which Gould, relaxed and chatty, discusses his art near his beloved house on Lake Simcoe in Ontario, a quiet oasis to which he’d escape after each gruelling concert tour he came to loathe.

Childhood friend John P. L. Roberts relates engaging stories of Gould as a young man, and Cornelia Foss - wife of composer/conductor Lukas Foss - talks about how she fell in love with Gould, left her husband, and moved to Toronto with her two kids. Although they had a few good years together, she eventually left Gould after his eccentrics overwhelmed her.

Canada Flag Canada · 2010 · Michèle Hozer/Peter Raymont · 109min


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