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- Les Bien-Aimés

Follows two generations of women: Madeleine, a classy hooker in the 1960s, and her daughter Vera, (with a real life mother and daughter in the roles, Deneuve and Chiara Mastroianni) in an epic romantic musical drama.

Christophe Honoré has assembled an extraordinary all-star cast. Ludivine Sagnier plays the carefree Madeleine in her early days, when she falls for a suave Czech doctor (Rasha Bukvic).

As an older woman, Madeleine, the legendary Catherine Deneuve, whose unparalleled ability to project an exterior of confidence while hiding her characters' inner flaws remains consistent. Once Madeleine discovers that the Czech doctor - a client who becomes her lover - has a wife back home, she tracks him to Czechoslovakia just as Russian tanks invade the country in 1968.

In a masterstroke of casting, iconic filmmaker Milos Forman plays the aged version of Madeleine's Czech lover, delivering a highly amusing performance. This 138 minute film covers a vast canvas of historical events and places (Paris, Prague, London, New York ) into the relatively simple narrative from the 60’s to the present day as later events involving Vera's rough adulthood take place against the backdrop of 9/11. With its natural charm and a who's who of French actors in the cast, musical songs interweaved and sung by the cast (echoes of ‘Umbrellas of Cherbourg’), this is irresistible. (subtitles)

France Flag France · Czech Republic Flag Czech Republic · 2011 · Christophe Honoré · 138min


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