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Single mother Anna (Noomi Rapace) moves with her 8 year old son to a big flat with secret address outside Oslo to get away from her violent husband in this dark Norwegian thriller.

Anna (Rapace) and her eight year old son Anders are under the witness protection program following a difficult relationship with Anders’ father. They move into a large apartment complex.

Anna becomes overprotective of her son and even buys a babycall to keep track of him. Soon, strange noises from other apartments appear on the monitor, and Anna overhears what might be the murder of a child.

Meanwhile, Anders’ mysterious new friend starts visiting at odd hours, claiming that he has keys for all the doors in the building. This is a tale played out under the shadow of male violence toward women, with a damaged and possibly abusive mother figure, a vulnerable child and a heroine who may not quite be sane and it hinges on a devastating performance from Rapace. The film's haunting atmosphere will stay with you for a long time after the credits roll. (subtitles)

Norway Flag Norway · Germany Flag Germany · Sweden Flag Sweden · 2011 · Pal Sletaune · 96min


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