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Albert Nobbs

Albert Nobbs struggles to survive in late 19th century Ireland disguised as a man.

In the Studio

Albert Nobbs (Glenn Close in an Oscar-nominated role) is not a man. She works as a butler and waiter in a 19th century Dublin hotel, where she dresses and passes as a man because a woman would not be hired for the job, and she needs the economic security.

"Such a kind little man," says the hotel guest, of Albert Nobbs, the headwaiter. Prim and proper, Albert is quiet, introverted, hard-working. He's also a woman, masquerading as this man for decades, saving every penny he's earned.

He dreams of owning a shop - a tobacconist's, perhaps… To enact those secrets, García assembles a first-rate supporting cast, prompting earthy, energetic performances from Janet McTeer and Brendan Gleeson, a warm turn by Brenda Fricker, and pure charm from Mia Wasikowska. The centrepiece, of course, is Close, who is eerily convincing as Albert - blank-faced, wide-eyed, pale-skinned, and withdrawn. It's an utterly believable performance, on both levels (the character she's playing, and the character her character plays).

UK Flag UK · Ireland Flag Ireland · 2012 · Rodrigo García · 113min


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