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Tiny Furniture

An Arts graduate moves back home and records her life stalling in this delightful and humorous semi autobiographical low budget USA indie film.

Independent comedy directed by and starring Lena Durnham, in which a film studies graduate returns to live in her mother's Tribeca loft while she decides what to do with her life. Aura (Dunham) had little trouble earning her degree and enjoying the college lifestyle, but now that she has obtained a qualification is genuinely puzzled about what to do with it.

While she muses on her future she must put up with her artist mother, Siri (Laurie Simmons), and her self-possessed sister, Nadine (Grace Dunham). After taking a job at a nearby restaurant to make ends meet, Aura meets Keith (David Call), a chef, and a rival for her affection, Jed (Alex Karpovsky), but will either help her find the path she is looking for? An extremely well-written, often funny and very touching film.

USA Flag USA · 2010 · Lena Dunham · 98min


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