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2 Days in Paris

Marion (Julie Delpy) and Jack try to rekindle their relationship with a visit to Paris, home of Marion's parents - and several of her ex-boyfriends.

Julie Delpy's breezily hilarious feature follows French-born Marion (Delpy) and Jack (Adam Goldberg), her American boyfriend (of two years), on a two-day stop through Paris, where Marion has purchased a tiny apartment one floor up from her rowdy, eccentric parents (played with great ability by Delpy's actual parents). Avoiding the metro on account of Jack's terrorism fears, the couple treks about the city by foot and cabs, getting into several vicious brawls with French cabbies, waiters, and a string of men from Marion’s past.

Thanks to clever writing and great chemistry, Delpy and Goldberg's onscreen relationship feels completely natural and genuine. Delpy saves her characters from being too precious by balancing their entertaining dialogue with human flaws. A delight.

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USA Flag USA · 2007 · Julie Delpy · 96min


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