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The Source
- La Source des Femmes

A comedy/drama set in a village and centred on a battle of the sexes, where women threaten to withhold sexual favours if their men refuse to fetch water from a remote well.

Young, childless Leila (Leila Bekhti) has had enough. She implores the village women to go on a ‘sex strike’. The women will withhold ‘loving’ (as they call it).

They will also demand that the men find a way to persuade the government to provide infrastructure finance so that the well can be pumped into the village centre.The women adopt Leila’s tactic.

Happy marriages become tortured, sometimes violent. The village men are hurt and offended. The very social foundations of this village, governed by religion and tradition, begin to look shaky as the strike forces the men and women into a conflict over every aspect of their lives.

Director Radu Mihaileanu’s gripping new drama is a good natured, soulful and quite often funny story about love and responsibility. What starts off as a tale built on a quest for natural justice and gender wars evolve into a compassionate piece about individual sexual identity. A brilliant, delicate, delicious & poetic movie. In Arabic. (Subtitles)

France Flag France · Belgium Flag Belgium · Italy Flag Italy · 2011 · Radu Mihaileanu · 135min


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