Chichester Cinema at New Park

Woody Allen: A Documentary

Robert Weide’s portrait of the artist and the man, this is a comprehensive document made no less captivating by its conventional approach.

Weide’s camera masterfully captures the great comic’s working methods and the correlation between the Brooklyn boy that Allen was, the ground-breaking stand-up star he became and the auteur that now stands as one of American cinema’s treasures. The warmth felt for Allen across the entertainment sector is evident in the willingness of past collaborators to reminisce about being on an Allen set.

By all accounts, it is an actor’s dream job, in which Allen gives them free-range to shape their characters – as long as they do it quickly (as John Cusack notes). The overall impression is that Allen, lively as an interview subject even at 77, does not take his art as seriously as those that adore his culturally-significant oeuvre. Fresh from its Cannes premiere where the French went understandably crazy for this love letter to one of their favourite sons.

USA Flag USA · 2012 · Robert B. Weide · 113min


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