Chichester Cinema at New Park

Free Men
- Les Hommes Libres

In Paris during WWII, an Algerian immigrant is inspired to join the resistance by his unexpected friendship with a Jewish man.

A well-crafted wartime espionage drama focused on little-noted intersections between Arabic émigrés and the French Resistance, ‘Free Men’ stars ‘A Prophet's’ Tahar Rahim as a black-marketeer caught up amid dangerous intrigue in German-occupied Paris. Loosely inspired by actual events, when gendarmes come banging on Younes' (Rahim) door, Ali (Farid Larbi), a union agitator and resistance leader, beats a hair's-breadth retreat, but Younes is caught red-handed in his own illicit trade.

With prison his only alternative, he agrees to "keep an eye" on a local mosque suspected of hiding Jews and passing them off as Muslims in order to hustle them out of harm's way. Cordialities between visiting rector Si Kaddour Ben Ghabrit (Michael Lonsdale) and the Gestapo major (Christopher Bucholz) stationed here thinly veils a cat-and-mouse game that might turn lethal at any moment. (subtitles)

France Flag France · 2011 · Ismaël Ferroukhi · 99min


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