Chichester Cinema at New Park


Heartbreak House

BBC’s 1977 Play of the month version of George Bernard Shaw’s play starring John Gielgud.

‘Heartbreak House’ is Shaw’s passionate response to World War 1 with echoes of Chekhov, although the sense of impending doom is much more literal here with the explosion and attack by unnamed foes. John Geilgud plays Shotover, and as a former wild-living sea captain, he has the wily intelligence that is the most important aspect of the part and reflects every nuance in the dialogue.

He is reluctantly hosting a weekend house party at his Sussex estate for his two daughters and their Bohemian friends. Sian Phillips is Hesione and Lesley-Ann Down as Ellie captures the steel under her beauty. The cast also includes Daniel Massey, David Waller, Donald Pickering and Richard Pearson. This screening of the 1977 BBC Play of the Month complements the current Chichester Festival Theatre’s new production starring Derek Jacobi in the John Gielgud role.

UK Flag UK · 1977 · Cedric Mesina · 120min


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