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7 Days in Havana
- 7 Días en La Habana

A contemporary snapshot of this iconic city directed by Benicio del Toro, Pablo Trapero, Julio Medem, Elia Suleiman, Gaspar Noé, Juan Carlos Tabio, and Laurent Cantet.

This Spanish-language portmanteau film paints a picture of contemporary life in the Cuban capital through seven tragic-comic short films which unfold over the course of one week; each of them is directed by a different international filmmaker. In the first, ‘El Yuma’ (directed by Benicio Del Toro), a young American tourist is given an unconventional tour of the city by a taxi driver.

‘Jam Session’ (Pablo Trapero) follows a filmmaker (Emir Kusturica parodying himself) suffering an emotional breakdown while collecting an award at the Havana Film Festival. ‘La Tentación de Cecila' (Julio Medem) finds a beautiful Cuban singer (Melvis Estévez) torn between leaving the island with a Spanish impresario/lothario (Daniel Brühl) and staying put with her boyfriend.

‘Diary of A Beginner’ (Elia Suleiman) has a Palestinian named ES (Suleiman himself) wandering the streets while waiting to interview President Castro. ‘Ritual’ (Gaspar Noé) sees an African-Cuban girl being put through a ‘cleansing’ ceremony to rid her of her lesbian passion. ‘Dulce Amargo’ (Juan Carlos Tabío, the sole Cuban director) concerns a behavioural psychiatrist who offers lifestyle advice on television but whose own domestic life is a mess. And finally ‘La Fuente’ (Laurent Cantet), an elderly woman has a vision of the virgin and implores her neighbours to build her a shrine to celebrate.

Cuba Flag Cuba · 2012 · Various Directors · 126min


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