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Hobsonís Choice

David Lean directs Charles Laughton and John Mills in this tale of a hapless 19th century boot-maker, rather too fond of his local pub and trying to cope with a trio of wilful daughters.

Henry Hobson (Charles Laughton) runs a successful bootmaker's shop in nineteenth-century Salford. A widower with a weakness for the pub opposite, he tries forcefully to run the lives of his three unruly daughters.

When he decrees 'no marriages' to avoid the expensive matter of settlements, eldest daughter Maggie (Brenda de Banzie) rebels and sets her sights on Will Mossop (John Mills), Hobson's star bootmaker. Maggie and Will leave to start up in competition, and she then turns her mind to helping her sisters marry their chosen partners.

Leanís quaint, old-fashioned presentation of Victorian society may not always relate to 21st century audiences, but this should in no way undermine your enjoyment of a classic period piece with its comic charm and innocent wit, winning it a Bafta in 1954. Digitally remastered.

UK Flag UK · 1954 · David Lean · 107min


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