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Silent Souls
- Ovsyanki

A man and his companion go on a journey to cremate the dead body of the former beloved wife, on a riverbank in the area where they spent their honeymoon.

When Miron's beloved wife Tanya passes away, he asks his best friend Aist to help him say goodbye to her according to the rituals of the Merya culture, an ancient Finno-Ugric tribe from Lake Nero, a picturesque region in West-Central Russia. Although the Merya people blended into Russians in the 17th century, their myths and traditions live on in their descendants' modern life.

The two men set out on a road trip thousands of miles across the boundless lands. As lyrical and mysterious as the ancient race of Merjans who once lived in Western Russia, Aleksei Fedorchenko's ‘Silent Souls’ takes the viewer on a voyage into the human soul. Disquieting and unforgettable, like a good ghost story, this is a special film for special tastes. Mikhail Krichman's deeply atmospheric cinematography and Andrei Karasyov's otherworldly score heighten the film's eerie fairy tale quality. A lyrical Russian tale, with disquieting erotic undertones. (subtitles)

Russia Flag Russia · 2011 · Aleksei Fedorchenko · 78min


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