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We are delighted to open this years Festival with a hilarious comedy drama from Canada (courtesy of Emotions Pictures Nova Scotia) with Olympia Dukakis as you've never seen her before.

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Stella (Olympia Dukakis) and Dotty (Brenda Fricker) have been together 31 years. Now in their seventies it is apparent, at least to her granddaughter Molly, that legally blind Dotty needs more specialist care than her ‘friend’ Stella can provide. With devious manipulation to get past the cantankerous Stella, Dotty is taken from their home and placed in an old people’s nursing facility.

But it doesn’t take Stella long to break her woman out of there and go on the run. Stella knows that Molly will try to separate them again if she catches up so there’s only one thing for it, Stella and Dotty are going to have to get married in Canada to ensure they cannot be separated again.

And so begins a road movie quite unlike any you’ve seen before as the two septuagenarian lovers leave their hometown in Maine and head to Nova Scotia, picking up an unlikely ally along the way, Prentice, a dancer from New York trying to get home to his sick mother. Through various hilarious scrapes and moments of peril for the elderly dykes-on-the-run, this oddball trio come to realise how important it is to have someone to love you in this life, and how lucky Stella and Dotty are that they have each other.

Dukakis excels as butch Stella, with a mouth so profane she should come with a censor warning, (warning: very foul language is used) whilst Fricker’s guileless Dotty provides the perfect counterpoint to Stella’s gruffness. The two Oscar-winning actresses share such warmth on screen you really do believe the two of them have been together for over 30 years.

Fitzgerald’s film is wickedly funny and beautiful to watch. Ultimately an exploration of life and death and most importantly the love one can find along the way.

Canada Flag Canada · 2012 · Thom Fitzgerald · 93min


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