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Derek Jacobi stuns as Francis Bacon, the painter in this raw brilliant film by John Maybury who uses the camera to interpret the images that were Bacon's world.

‘Love is the Devil’ is a riveting and disquieting portrait of a riveting and disquieting painter, Francis Bacon. Bacon's place in the pantheon of twentieth century painters is now firmly established, but at a time when anything other than abstract expressionism was ignored by the critical establishment, he went about developing a highly individual style of figurative painting, paintings which are often difficult to look at - large, dark, distorted figures in which the pain suffered by the subject is expressed by the entire composition, often large canvases, as well as twisted facial expressions, grotesquery’s on the outside reflecting anguish within.

Bacon was a homosexual, a masochist sexually, but, it seems, much the emotional sadist out of bed. The film covers the period in his life from the dramatic entrance of George Dyer (Daniel Craig), the younger working class man who became his lover, until Dyer's suicide seven years later.

Their relationship is explored in some depth here, with neither condescension nor simplification. Though Bacon comes out of it looking selfish and cruelly insensitive, the art that he made during those years is a sensational testament to the profound emotional connection that he and Dyer shared, for all that intellectually and socially they were worlds apart. Derek Jacobi in one of his greatest roles, gives a stunning and mesmerising performance as Bacon, and Daniel Craig displays an expressive, raw vulnerability as Dyer.

We are delighted to welcome Derek Jacobi to introduce the film.

Tickets £10 to include a glass of wine.

UK Flag UK · 1998 · John Maybury · 91min


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