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Adapted from Albert Cohen’s celebrated classic French novel by director Glenio Bonder, this English-language adaptation of the Swiss tale of a tortured love affair between a high-ranking Jewish official and the protestant wife of one of his employees, stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Natalia Vodianova and Marianne Faithfull.

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Logically, a world stands between Ariane (Natalia Vodianova), and Solal (Jonathan Rhys Meyers). She, young and married from a Geneva Protestant grand bourgeois family, he a Jewish diplomat, rising from nowhere to the second highest position in the League of Nations on the eve of the Second World War.

Carried away by their ardent love, soon abandoned to themselves, alone, they not only have to face the rest of the world's hostility, but above all, must battle their own demons. Solal is haunted by a totally obsessive love. Ariane is carried away by a passionate and physical love. But their love is based on an initial and fundamental understanding.

He loves the idea of Ariane. She loves the reality of Solal. The screenplay has been adapted by Oscar nominees Vincenzo Cerami (‘Life is Beautiful’) and James Dearden (‘Fatal Attraction’).This passionate love affair is set against a strong political background, centered around the League of Nations in Geneva, with echoes of the rise of the Nazi’s and anti-Semitism, Mussolini and Hitler.

The film moves from Geneva and Berlin to some beautiful Italian locations including Stresa and Camogli, and Gabiel Yared has composed a luscious romantic score interposed with music by Richard Strauss, Charles Ives, and Max Bruch. Handsomely mounted, this is a cocktail of sensuality and politics and we are delighted to be premiering this film in the UK.

With thanks to STEALTH PRODUCTIONS for this UK Premiere.

We hope to welcome some personnel involved with the film, including the executive producers from the Brighton based company Stealth Production (Margin Call) to introduce their film.

UK Flag UK · France Flag France · Italy Flag Italy · 2012 · Glenio Bonder · 100min


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