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A journalist and his girlfriend get pulled in while they investigate a cult whose leader claims to be from the future.

After ‘Another World’, Batmanglij and Marling deliver another terrific and engrossing venture into speculative fiction. Marling stars in both films as well being their co-writer and co-producer.

Each displays an inventive story line with believable characters caught up in extraordinary events where tension builds with each successive scene. And each ends abruptly with an ambiguous ending that delivers one of those ah-ha moments.

A Los Angeles couple, Peter (Christopher Denham) and Lorna (Nicole Vicius), infiltrates a San Fernando Valley-based cult with the idea of making a documentary exposé of its charlatan leader. But the leader winds up scrambling all their expectations.

Some time before, one follower found a young woman, Maggie (Marling), wandering downtown in a dazed and physically compromised state. Rescued and nurtured back to health, Maggie now claims to have come from the future, from 2054, in fact.

She gathers around her disciples who can benefit from her foreknowledge of a coming civil war. Since she is allergic to most things in the present day, she doesn’t venture from a basement chamber and needs frequent blood transfusions and organic food grown obsessively by her followers.

As the newcomers get initiated into the small group, Maggie achieves an emotional breakthrough with Peter involving his troubled past. Audiences believe in time travel in three Terminator movies. So why not in a low-budget indie even if it contains not one scrap of sci-fi razzle-dazzle?

Everything in this film is totally realistic. So the filmmakers slyly leave it up to their audience to determine what the film is actually about - a time traveller or a dangerous impostor?

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USA Flag USA · 2012 · Zal Batmanglij · 85min


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