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- The Years of Achievement

A documentary exploring the life and work of the Anglo-Welsh artist-poet David Jones during the interwar years.

Beginning with Jonesís conversion to Roman Catholicism and his joining the Ditchling community in 1921, the film traces his various sojourns in England, Wales and France. Through interviews with scholars, artists, writers and friends, and featuring over one hundred images of his carvings, engravings, sketches and paintings, we hear of
Jonesís development as a painter, engraver and poet; his friendships and relationships; his breakdown (1932 Ė33) and the success of his epic war poem ĎIn Parenthesisí, concluding with the turbulent years approaching the WW2. Contributors include Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, and the art historians Paul Hills and Frances Spalding.

We are pleased to welcome the co-director Derek Shiel to introduce the film and discuss the work of David Jones.

UK Flag UK · 2012 · Derek Shiel/Adam Alive · 78min


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