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The story of the multi billion dollar global aviation industry transporting people around the world 24 hours every day.

There is a very real and growing problem of pilot fatigue along with the all too real consequences when something does go wrong. ‘Pilot Fatigue’ explores the lives and hidden pressures of today’s commercial airline pilots and looks at the industry conflicting responses to an issue which if ignored can ultimately lead to catastrophic consequences that could affect anyone travelling by air today.

The continued growth of the aviation industry to meet the demands of 21st century air travel cannot afford to ignore when a pilot is too tired to fly, make decisions and land your plane. While pilots globally are speaking out and demanding change, many in industry cannot see a problem.

The consequences of disregarding this problem cannot be ignored. Through unique interviews in the aviation industry and other safety critical industries like Nuclear and ATC; high quality 3D animation and archive footage, 'Pilot Fatigue' reveals the facts everyone should know.

We hope to welcome the director Tristan Loraine to introduce his film.

With thanks to FACT NOT FICTION FILMS for this Preview.

UK Flag UK · 2O12 · Tristan Loraine · 52min


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