Chichester Cinema at New Park


Seven exquisite silent films created from the only known surviving materials - nitrate prints preserved by the BFI's National Archive.

The cinema's love affair with Shakespeare dates from the earliest days of film. These films have survived for almost a century, and include beautiful examples of hand stencilling and tinted prints.

The collection includes:

A magical version of ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream’ (USA 1909).

A charming five-minute film of ‘Tempest’ (UK 1908);
The very first Shakespeare film ever made, ‘King John’ (UK 1899).

‘King Lear’ (Italy 1910); Twelfth Night (USA 1910); ‘The Merchant of Venice’ (Italy 1910); ‘Richard III’ (UK 1911). The collection is accompanied by a specially commissioned score for piano, guitar and string quartet, by award-winning composer, Laura Rossi.

UK Flag UK · Italy Flag Italy · USA Flag USA · 1899-1911 · Various Directors · 88min


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