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- A Song of Two Humans

The culmination of one of the greatest careers in film history, F. W. Murnau's ‘Sunrise’ blends a story of fable-like simplicity with unparalleled visual imagination and technical ingenuity.

Invited to Hollywood by William Fox and given total artistic freedom on any project he wished, Murnau's tale of the idyllic marriage of a peasant couple (George O'Brien and Janet Gaynor) threatened by a Machiavellian seductress from the city (Margaret Livingston) created a milestone of film expressionism.

Made in the twilight of the silent era, it became both a swan song for a vanishing medium and one of the few films to instantly achieve legendary status.

Winner of three Oscars for Best Actress (Gaynor), Cinematography, and a never repeated award for "Unique and Artistic Picture", its influence and stature has only grown with each passing year.

USA Flag USA · 1927 · F.W. Murnau · 93min


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