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Satyajit Ray’s warm, witty and genuine insight into Calcutta’s society in the mid 50s when a housewife offers to help her husband by working as a ‘salesgirl’.

A woman’s place is with her cooking-pots: that is the firmly articulated belief of Subrata Mazumdar, a young bank clerk struggling to support his entire extended family on a meagre salary, and he is duly horrified when his wife Arati (a ravishing, spirited performance from Madhabi Mukherjee) offers to help by going out to work as a ‘salesgirl’. Satyajit Ray’s wonderfully enjoyable portrait of mid-50s Calcutta, a society still adjusting to independence, displays warmth, wit and genuine insight into its large, multi-generational cast of characters, including Arati’s conservative old father-in-law, her studious teenage sister-in-law, and her benevolently despotic boss.

For this new restoration, undertaken in India, the original negative was scanned at a high resolution (2K), enabling the film’s epic scale and intimate detail – from the portrayal of big city life to the exquisite play of emotions on Arati’s face - to emerge in greater beauty and clarity With Anil Chatterjee, Madhabi Mukherjee, Haren Chatterjee. (subtitles)

India Flag India · 1963 · Satyajit Ray · 131min


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